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Not as we do

Do as we say, Not as we do. 3-30-11

Well as you all know Amaretto has come out with some new rules for all their groups and their forums. The post along with the rules can be found here . Please pay close attention to this quote from the blog post.

 “With that being said, Amaretto has pride in it’s company and will no longer allow our groups and forums to become a breeding ground for downing, trash talking, or plain out slandering of Amaretto, the individuals who work for Amaretto or Amaretto customers. Constructive criticism is ALWAYS accepted when offered with concern or care but, a line has to be drawn somewhere. If anyone is found in the groups, forums, or support system, trashing talking Amaretto as a company, the individuals that work for Amaretto, or Amaretto customers, it will not be tolerated. The person/persons found to be doing these such actions can and will get their rights to all groups, forums, and the ticket support system revoked, as we deem necessary to stop the issues. “

  Apparently Josaphine, the owner of Amaretto can not comprehend these rules. Josaphine has decided to not only allow a member of the community to post two separate post in the forum “trash talking” and “plain out slandering” (BTW its called libel) another member of the community, but in her infinite wisdom she also decided to make two post of her own then lock the thread. Now through out the day there was at the least three post from other members deleted from this forum thread and although we don’t believe in censorship, it is Amaretto forums and they feel that negative postings against them will not be tolerated and will be deleted. However should a person make a negative post against another member of the community, then that is acceptable and will remain.

 This is quite the pathetic turn of events from a person that is nominated for Avatar of the year. Wouldn’t be wise to just make no comment at all and remove the post of the person that is trash talking another member of the community? Should they not have their chat rights as well as their support rights removed. No we guess not. Seems as though you actually condone what this person has said and by leaving the post remaining on the forums as well as locking the thread, it only goes to prove that you live by only one rule.

Do as we say, not as we do.

 Below is the screen shot of the entire thread. Maybe after reading this Amaretto will do the right thing and remove the whole thing.