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Do as we say

Do as we say, Not as we do pt3 4-1-11

Waves to Josaphine and the rest of the motley crew over there at Amaretto. Seems you are in fact reading this blog. At approximately 12:15 am SL time April 1st you finally decided to grow a conscience and remove all the negative post including yours from the thread in the forums we have posted the pictures to. Amazingly at the exact time you were doing this your always the one with words CSR Richie Carami was in group chat being his usually asinine self threatening a customer, claiming he is perfect, and he will remove post only if he feels like it. Why you as  company let this fool have any chat privileges is beyond any comprehension. But hey he’s your biggest source of entertainment for all of us so by all means leave him be the tool he is.

 At any rate thank you for doing the right thing and removing the bashing post in the forum. Sure do hope you followed through with your rules and took that persons chat, forums, and support rights away.


Do as we say, Not as we do. pt2 3-31-11

Well now,it has become abundantly clear that as long as you are on the side of Amaretto and are trash talking other customers in group chat and the forums, you post will remain and there will be absolutely no action taken against you. As you can see here in the below picture where Spyder ask about the thread we have posted about in the Q&A section that Josaphine made this quote:

 “I have cleaned up that topic, to be fair, and the topic was locked already.

 So it would appear that yes she feels that it has been cleaned up enough and that she feels that the customer bashing is quite fair. We are starting to question if Josaphine is a woman or not, cause she has some GIGANTIC FRIGGEN BALLS.