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Who is Amarettocheats?

Amarettocheats, is a website made to expose Amaretto Breedables to their customers to the many things they may not know. No one can be online 24/7 and see what is said in group chats. The customers may not have access to complaints people have. Many people are scared that by speaking out in group chat or in Amarettos forums there will be repercussions to their use of the Amaretto products and there for say nothing. Amarettocheast is here to show you a behind the scenes look into what is said and done, when the customers have no way of possibly seeing and hearing it all. Below we will list many of the questions people have asked about Amarettocheats. We can only hope that this website will help you make a more informed decision with your relationship with Amaretto Breedables.

Q: Why don’t you (amarettocheats) put a name of who you are?

A: Although some people would like us to place a name here, we ask you, would that make you believe us anymore or less? So many events in world history were exposed by nameless people or organizations and more often then not revealed to be accurate accounts of what happened. Just because we put no name to our information, it should not invalidate it. This is just information, it is for you to investigate and ask questions, make your own decisions.

Q: You are just Ozimals fanboys. “Or”. You are with Ozimals, and are just doing this for the lawsuit. “Or” You are a owner of the competition.

A: Actually, yes we use Ozimals products, we also use Wildwood cats, Pet Peddlers fish, Krazy Kittys cats, and HyperMutt dogs. We love all our breedables and the ideas behind them. We have 100’s of Amaretto Breedables horses. We are just like you. We are not associated in any way shape or form with any of these companies, other then just users of the products.

Q: Your pictures are altered, anyone can make a website to look like this.

A: No are pictures are actual screen shots. The only time we will alter the pictures is to crop them to fit in the website, and, or, add a sub picture within one for ease of explanation. Our first pictures posted that caused so much controversy were proven to be real within hours of posting by a Amaretto team member, even though people still claim they were altered.

Q: You are just a disgruntled breeder that can’t sell any horses, and are now out to destroy Amaretto.

A: No, we sell just fine. We are not out to destroy Amaretto. We are providing some transparency of a company that refuses to do so. It would be in our, just as your best interest that Amaretto succeeds. We have no intention to ruin Amaretto, but only provide information to people that may otherwise not be privileged to.

Q: Will you continue to try to discredit Amaretto, why don’t you just go away? We don’t care about any of this.

A: We are not trying to discredit Amaretto, we are providing the users proof as we know it to information they may not know about. It is up to the users to investigate the information we provide and make their own decisions. We are not going away, we will continue to show information, and ask questions of Amaretto. No one is asking them for trade secrets, we only ask they be truthful and transparent with their users. You personally may not care about one thing or another of the information we post, however you should ask yourself, how exactly will this effect me, and the community as a whole.


13 responses

  1. Another Joe

    I believe it is time to take this horse out to pasture, and put it out of it’s misery. This is a horrible and pathetic thing to do to customers. Being in the position they are, and not remaining a role model for the public is downright embarrassing. Amaretto you should be ashamed

    January 6, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    • Plain Jane

      I agree completely!
      In the beginning there was rumors.. Ok that comes with any company and for the most part they are just that.. Rumors.
      But from I have seen over the past few months, everything stacking up, looks like Amaretto is just digging a hole they will never get out of.
      I’m sorry to say but I have been in many different breedables and I have never seen anything so sad.

      January 7, 2011 at 9:51 am

  2. Fed Up

    I would like to thank AmarettoCheat for bringing this information to light. I’ve had a feeling in my gut for time that something wasn’t right. This evidence is overwhelming yet people still chose to be blind. Many people have suspected all along these practices were occurring with this company. I completely understand why the names of the people behind this sight rename anonymous. This, in my opinion does not take away any of the evidentiary value. I am not saying I don’t love my horses, I just do not appreciate being lied to and how unprofessional and unethical this company is. Thanks again AmarettoCheat!

    January 8, 2011 at 10:17 am

  3. Sigh

    How many times have people been shushed in Amaretto chats? How many times has chat been closed because Amaretto can’t or won’t do things professionally. I’ve seen many arguments in many chats but it’s rare to see one shut down especially as often as they do. There is a reason most merchants and group owners don’t disable chat. It’s part of being professional at your job. They take care of issues the way you should and that doesn’t include punishing any and all. Amaretto these horses are your JOB. Whether you have another r/l one separate from it or not. We the customers, line your pockets. We demand the same respect and common courtesy most of us give to you from you in return. There will always be people around to discredit this or that. There is nothing wrong at all with questioning things. There is something wrong with a company that won’t have even a little bit of transparency when it’s needed. A company that will not police their own chats even a little bit doesn’t give us that warm fuzzy feeling we should get when we spend thousands of real life dollars. Even if we only spend a few real life dollars, we are owed that. People like to feel warm and fuzzy Amaretto. They like to feel that they haven’t wasted their money on people that don’t really care and just want the money. Amaretto has made a lot of bad choices over the last few months. Barely communicating with their customers may be a small one but it is pretty important. Customers who want them to shape up don’t necessarily hate them or think they should shut down. We just want them to realize the mistakes they are making and accept the fact that everything they do does affect the customers and by way of trickle down also their bottom line. They make a hefty sum, even they will not deny this. They make plenty of money to hire plenty of staff, have less server issues and be able to stay on top of most things. They just choose not to. Not every bug or server issue can be stopped. But they have had nearly as many as the chickens did in their earliest days and then some. That’s pretty pathetic and doesn’t speak highly of them. The server going down as often as it does, or supposedly does, is not right. It means something is not being done correctly, repeatedly. Servers don’t just go down that often when used properly. . They clearly do not know what they are doing and ought to hire staff who DO know what to do. They’re going to lose their shirts and by that same trickle down theory so will their customers. Few people want to see Amaretto fail, more want to see them succeed. Some just because they don’t want to lose money. Some because they really love the product. It doesn’t matter what their reasons are. The majority of people don’t want to see them fail at all. The assumption that anyone who questions things or has any sort of negative comment is out to get them is just paranoia. It’s a poor assumption too. We want to see them succeed as much as any other person. We just want them to man up, grow a pair and run this business as it should be. They ought to take heed to the words people are giving them, for once. If you stop looking at them with such jaded glasses and take the words at face value, you’ll see that not everyone is as negative as you think they are. People are frustrated they darn well should be. Some people are angry too and some are super happy. People just want you to sit down with your team, look over your game plan a bit and revise it until it best meets the needs of the majority of your customers. I guarantee you’ll keep a lot of the ones who are sitting on the fence’s edge right now. If people think you care they’ll overlook the minor little things that go wrong. When they think you don’t care every little thing turns into a big issue. They could have prevented this quite some time ago. It’s a choice they have made not to do so.

    January 9, 2011 at 6:01 am

  4. Frenchboy

    New “Special coats from Amaretto with love”

    Amazing, some breeders got at least this new coats, and more amazing .. the ones i saw got TWO of this very “special” and “Rare” Special Edition.. and you know what?

    Miracle of randomize birth , they got both Male AND Female.

    Is there some statistician specialist who could tell us .. how many chances ONE breeder has to get two special edition with male and female ?

    /me laught sadly !!!

    February 10, 2011 at 5:45 am

  5. Spyder Princess

    Hey Amaretto Cheats! Do we know why Amaretto has changed the horses? Cheetah made the last sculpts of the old horses but is no longer working with Amaretto. She is now a free agent. What is going on? Why are some people’s horses being deleted?

    February 22, 2011 at 2:52 pm

  6. a nameless supporter

    I fail to see it mentioned anywhere about the big February Fuckup for Amaretto – Kicking Cheetah Kitty out of the company cause they didn’t want to pay her more money for her hard work on the original sculpts and textures thus having to change the textures and sculpts when cheetah takes her work with her – which i dont blame her one bit for. Cheetah does awesome work – its just – shes yet another Amaretto has fucked over. So now we have 2.0 update – and it totally sucks… i mean shit, its made the horses disgusting !!!! and they expect us to purchase their K-9 Dogs after this!!! LMAO!!!

    February 23, 2011 at 5:25 pm

  7. Robbed Raped and Abused

    SL players pay them, work to play their game, they gain control and power and money on this game.
    And how do they use it?
    I feel defamed and robbed.
    I heard some things: rumors, lawsuits, note cards.
    I didn’t think it affected me.
    But then, they came to my land and stole every single horses plus my boyfriend’s horses while he was AFKing on his land, buffing a horse.
    Falsly accused me. Taunted me I might get them back.
    I feel very foolish and blind.

    I try to have trust and faith in people.
    I try to assume people are reasonable and fair.
    But sometimes, it profits them more not to be.

    the Better Business Beaureau lets you file a complaint, please file one if you feel their selling practices are deceptive or otherwise improper

    The creator said ‘If you can prove your innocence your horses will be returned to you. Have a nice day.’

    Do I have any chance of getting my horses back that they came to my land, used an updater to gain possession of, and took away from me?

    THEY DO state they may terminate your use of Products and/or Services at anytime. You are personally liable for any products and/or costs that you incur..

    They CAN take them all away.

    BUT! Of course you assume they would be fair, valid,
    Until it happens to you.
    Be warned, breedable creators have complete control of their product you buy and can take it away from you anytime they want without warning or valid reason.
    They don’t use fair business practices.
    They don’t even pretend to.
    If in any way you can be blamed for the malfunction of the horses, they will take all your horses and ban you and make you pay.
    And tell you to have a nice day.

    They can exploit their power and be bullies and there is not much you can do

    March 2, 2011 at 2:15 am

    • Over a Barrel

      Wow Im sorry to hear what happened to you and your boyfriend.
      Another thing that is unfair is once you have invested into a breedable animal, whether a horse, bunny, or some other you are at the mercy of the creators and hope they will be honest and fair . These animals eat and drink like crazy sometimes and the problem usually takes weeks to get fixed. Then they always say there is nothing wrong with the animal and blame lag or something. I suspect they change the scripts in the food that you buy at their stores or from the xstreet webpages. Honestly, the way this is set up is insane. How can you trust these crooks not to tweak the food scripts when they clearly show they can’t be trusted. Seems that people are always over a barrel when it comes to any breedable animal in a virtual world. I personally made the decision to get out. I don’t want to put myself at the mercy of people I can’t trust. And yes theres too much shady stuff going on and too much questionable stuff. Yes I have seen pictures of the horses they bred to sell that they claim they did not. They were the rare and expensive ones that almost nobody else had. They bred them, flooded the market with them before anyone else could breed them and sold them for a lot. If you are still in the business to make money you are wasting your time.

      May 6, 2011 at 3:24 am

  8. knot

    I contacted a reporter at nbc news and managed to convince them to come in world and see for themselves so amaretto watch your backs

    June 1, 2011 at 10:16 am

    • Sam

      Ohhh man I got a nice Email for that reporter if they want it

      June 19, 2011 at 6:24 pm

  9. Sam

    I have a nice little email and screenshot to show you of a reply Directly from JJ Cerna regarding their handling of a “STOLEN” horse. After their reply I filed a counter questions and found my “Ticket” mysteriously Was restricted access or NO LONGER existing. Funny when you catch them with their pants down they try to remove proof. Funny how they forget their replies are forwarded to your email account. Nice try for cover up, didnt’ work.

    June 19, 2011 at 6:23 pm

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