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Do as we say, Not as we do pt3 4-1-11

Waves to Josaphine and the rest of the motley crew over there at Amaretto. Seems you are in fact reading this blog. At approximately 12:15 am SL time April 1st you finally decided to grow a conscience and remove all the negative post including yours from the thread in the forums we have posted the pictures to. Amazingly at the exact time you were doing this your always the one with words CSR Richie Carami was in group chat being his usually asinine self threatening a customer, claiming he is perfect, and he will remove post only if he feels like it. Why you as  company let this fool have any chat privileges is beyond any comprehension. But hey he’s your biggest source of entertainment for all of us so by all means leave him be the tool he is.

 At any rate thank you for doing the right thing and removing the bashing post in the forum. Sure do hope you followed through with your rules and took that persons chat, forums, and support rights away.


7 responses

  1. Sylv

    Look at this, from my friend Brin. She only asked som e innocent questions in chat, that same day. About topics being removed and all…
    Dakota was patiently..Richie though, came in chat and first kindly asked to change subject. Then got less friendly, and at the end chat had 4 CSRs in it, to ensure she would be silent.
    As soon as she logged off…
    [06:38:17] Richie Carami: (Saved Fri Apr 01 09:23:14 2011) You have been ejected from ‘~Amaretto Ranch~ Breedables’ by Richie Carami.

    NOT ONE wrong word, was said by Brin. I saw the chatconvo. Nothing. No, Amaretto made a complete fool of itself, looking at the reactions that Brin got on IM from others, asking if she was ok and saying Richie was a D*** for being so unkind to force someone to drop a subject.
    I asked 2 people who where also in chat this morning what they found of Brin. They found her very polite, and just asking questions.

    Now, going from the fact Amaretto isnt really so bad, there is also the chance that they keep red zone records of each known “troublemaker”and trough that way identified Brin as alt.

    *waves at Richie* but I have 3 more alts…. and you wont know about them till I have shouted all your dirty little secrets in chat!

    April 1, 2011 at 9:00 am

  2. Spyder Princess

    They actually ejected Brin from chat?? For what? I saw the chat log she didn’t say one negative word and was simply asking questions to clarify.

    C’mon Amaretto… someone take Mr Carami’s ejection privileges away… He’s a bit trigger happy shipmates. Poor girl didn’t understand what was going on.. Tsk Tsk CSRs. if you get frustrated, walk away.. don’t eject. You’re just making yourselves look worse to more and more people.

    You will end up messing with the wrong avatar one day and you’d wish you could take back what you did. By then though, it would be too late…

    April 1, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    • Cailey

      I saw Brin in chat. I saw what she said, and I saw how she was treated. Dakota: “You’ve been warned”. WTF? Brin was polite in the extreme for the entire conversation. Then the Amarettos/Neanderthals started speaking, looking clumsy, defensive, and bullying. It was like watching a caveman and cavewoman swing at a college professor with a club (and missing). Anyone who wasn’t offended by Amaretto in that exchange is on the Amaretto bus of fools.
      Bullying is the refuge of the weak, the cowardly, and the fearful. Amaretto is all of these.

      April 1, 2011 at 5:27 pm

      • Is the Amaretto bus of fools filled with gremlins?

        April 1, 2011 at 8:49 pm

  3. Well..let me tell you a little secret. Friend Brin was my alt.
    I asked Richie for explanation(as Brin)..he said “cause you where acting up, AND because we know who you are”(..)
    Now, I never been a good liar, and I dont have secrets, would lower myself then to Richie’s…didnt bother to denie.
    What did shock me though, was that that info didnt come from old red zone records they might have kept, but from the fact they can EXACTLY see what horses are tranfered to who…
    So much for privacy?
    Guess Richie isnt aware that such info is not suppose to be open to others but me. As its an sl transfer.
    So… maybe our dear friend only gets himself in trouble. Wouldnt that be something? I eman…
    – selling a product and then also use it himself AND sellin g the result is forbudden by US laws (so I been told)
    – sl info is private, he have been looking at that and obviosly sharing it with others
    – Amaretto deletes horses where they had to keep records of taxtes for’; they sold them.. then,more or less took them back by banning them from SL. Fine, but such things need to be taken up in these tax records also I think.
    – Amaretto violates freedom of speech
    – Amaretto takes away horses/ban them from the server without reasons. They can claim what they want, but I dont believe them.

    And then ofcourse, their own behavior. Its as if they all had a bad child hood, now ruling the horse world like a coiuple of dictaters, only thinking of money and controlling people, not for a moment trying to remember whats : customer service”and all.

    The impact what a thing is like removing entries from forums, like myself, I wrote a lot informative stuff there.. baning people from group like they are trash. Taking hoprses away. They miss any form of empathy.

    I can write on and on ..but wont. They arent worth it.

    April 5, 2011 at 1:58 am

  4. Living the Fantasy

    “living a fantasy that most of us will never realize” ? They want, POSITIVE ONLY! NO TALKING BACK! No questions young lady or you’re grounded and your toys will be taken away!! OH I SEE! It takes away the challenge of putting out a product that people have given feedback on and actually like! YES I SEE NOW!! Get bullies to breed horses and jump in endless numbers of followers to do as they say OR ELSE! Will that work? Even on Second Life there are intelligent fair minded people who will speak out or be outraged playing that game.. OH! Treat them like naughty kids! Overly control them! Or just get rid of em, shut em up. Yell ‘Don’t like it leave! Delete them! Lose the money you spent!’ And if they don’t conform BAN them. They will only find so many smucks, won’t they? Surely they will over produce their ‘most original’ products to the point even bullying can’t find enough buyers with similar tastes to Miss Avatar of the Year. And there is NO competition, no, never! Will people keep buying more and more and more, keep that upside down pyramid from toppling? Can they keep it from being known as what it so obviously is, a losing game? Any bets? They have everyone looking, the drama is so hard to look away from.. Every fantasy story has it’s ending, my bet is, it won’t end happily ever after.

    April 5, 2011 at 9:06 am

  5. Mr X

    Ah yes, the end is soon for amaretto. Even if they get on one knee(im sure richie wouldnt even think of doing that, why would he kiss anyone ass to stay in amaretto). Hey richie if you want to be a prison guard and control your slaves do it some where else. The facts are you drop/eject/abuse one person, 5 ppl will know.. so on.. and from then on ppl do see who you truely are, a dictator/asshole hiding behind a pc , truely not understanding we the people/customers have the power to overthrow you and we have. I am sorry allot of people have been abused by the amaretto team but anyway guys come to the meeroos. The creators and csrs treat us with respect, help straight away and even talk with us anytime.

    April 5, 2011 at 6:43 pm

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