amaretto breedables “was never hacked” 1-09-11

 Well it has been a very busy week for the Amaretto team, with the consistent server issues, BAD_BUNDLES, accusations of cheating, negotiations with Ozimals, returning their forums back, and dealing with the constant bickering in the group chat. Through all this though Jaysin Cooperstone found the time to make a “Official” post to the website and to the community through the group notices in regards to this websites findings. We quickly responded to that response, stating that the claim of being “hacked” was not true. Although many felt that Amaretto’s claim was a perfect explanation for all the information we provided, we begged to differ. We claimed that shortly Jaysin would need to retract his claim of the “hacking”, and although Jaysin or anyone from Amaretto has yet to do so, NZ Shepherd a Owner of did create a blog to make a statement on. That can be found here -> . It would behoove Amaretto to retract their claim of the hacking, a simple copy and paste from NZ Shepherds blog post is truly unacceptable. Whatever the case may be, it was Jaysin Cooperstone that told all of the customers this quote, “These are our facts, the honest truth”. Apparently just as we claimed, these were not the “facts” or “the honest truth”. Below we would like to post some excerpts of the blog post from NZ Shepherd, We would like to comment on, and ask a few questions about them.
“In mid November 2010 many horse records disappeared and/or got messed up from one of our database tables. Our initial investigation was centered around the possibility of our website being compromised. After investigations, we couldn’t find any evidence of this and found an error in the sql server coding made during a coding update that caused this problem. We had initially spoken to Amaretto and told them that we believe we could have been hacked as we could not see anything in our coding that could have caused this. As it turned out, we were never hacked, it was a coding error as said above. Due to miscommunication this didn’t get conveyed back to Amaretto.
What had been written in the official response in the Amaretto breedables blog (titled Offical response to AmarettoCheats) by Jason Cooperstone was correct, as far as he knew.
There is no deception or lies here and the issue should not be construed this way. We released a news article under our Site News on the 15th of November explaining this problem. The horse data, over time was updated and fixed, and the only loss was to notes, and allocations that our customers had made to put horses up for sale, or for stud, which was easily fixed by the customers putting those horses back up for sale or stud.  A free month was given to each current member’s account at that time, for the inconvenience this caused.”

 As you say, you had a error on the coding during a update, at first you thought there was a possibility that your website had been compromised and you informed Amaretto of this. You later determined that you were not hacked and it was just a error. The event that revealed all this information transpired on November 14th. You were contacted on the 15th, around 4pm SLT that there was some type of issue with a particular horse and its information on the website. At that time you had just recently sent out a notice that there had been a issue with the database and some hours later another post was made that customers would receive 1 month free service for their inconvenience. Later in the evening shortly before 11pm SLT you were shown not only the horse that led to all this information, but also seen for yourself all the information and the discrepancies on the website. After 40 minutes and a attempt to correct the information that only resulted in the Mystery horse having its age changed from 12,471 day to 50 days, Amaretto took their server offline for a reboot. Magically while this is happening Richie Carami’s alt Kade Zuta logs in to remove his horses from his storefront. Shortly there after the server reboot, all information on the pedigree appeared to be correct. Step forward 49 days on January 4th, and this website amarettocheats with all its information is posted to the web. January 5th Jaysin Cooperstone made a “official” response to the findings presented on this website, claiming that what he writes are “facts and honest truth”.

 What we are saying is, that after first telling Amaretto of the problem, then the information of the mystery horse being presented, that led to a sever reboot from Amaretto, then 49+ days later a website reveals the information surrounding the event, that resulted in a “Official” statement about the information being posted by Amaretto on their website.  Now you want to insult all of our intelligence that through all that time and many events where Amaretto and Myslhorses were in direct contact about this particular situation, that you can say this quote “What had been written in the official response in the Amaretto breedables blog (titled Offical response to AmarettoCheats) by Jason Cooperstone was correct, as far as he knew.”.  As far as he knew? Really?… Really? Was he living under a rock or something? Did he take 49+ days off from owning Amaretto, and come back to only make a “Official” statement before actually speaking to you on what had happened. We seriously doubt it.
“We do not store, or ever ask for email address. Our passwords are encrypted and totally locked down and were not compromised.”
We were never worried in the least about this. Why would we have been, after all the site was not hacked anyway.
“mySLhorses is a third party application, it is not run by Amaretto, and they have no access to the inner workings of the website, it is run on a separate server. As has already been stated on the Amaretto blog, we also provide a tool for the Amaretto staff, to help them handle their support tickets.”

Again, something we knew and really had no concern of.
“Calista Janus has been working with Amaretto, helping out with support tickets for only a few weeks. Calista & I have worked hard and long hours to provide a pedigree system to suit all, but we are not perfect, mistakes happen. The drama, nasty comments and behaviour of some people in IM’s, notecards and messages in group chat is sad to see. Calista is over 6 months pregnant RL and doesnt need any stress right now. We hope that this will be the end of this issue, and we wont be discussing it with anyone any further. It is time to move on.”

The service that provides, has surpassed what many thought it would be. The dedication you make to increasing its features proves that. We just like the majority of the users of the website have only praise for it, and are extremely happy to have that tool at our finger tips. The nasty comments and behavior towards you (myslhorses) is completely unwarranted and should not be happening. This has never been about, any of its owners, or employees. Surely the whole community would wish you all the best with your new child, as well as a safe pregnancy for Calista with as little stress as possible. However to have that mentioned in this statement was completely unnecessary. Following it up with saying this should be the end of the issue and for everyone to move on, is really just a attempt to shut this whole scandal down without really solving the issue.


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  1. does it matter is a decptive post. it is standard pratice when a counter DMCA is filed to have both parties retract the DMCA and not allow new claims so the court is not flooded with the same claim endlessly.

    It looks schewed to make it like amaretto is winning… if you don’t know how a DMCA works the way they posted exploits a lack of understanding of the process. I wonder is this would qualify as tortious interference or intentional misrepresantation of a court order.

    January 12, 2011 at 2:31 pm

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