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Tempers Flare in Group Chat 1-05-11

Looks like some tempers flared early in the morning in the Amaretto Breedables Group chat. It would also appear that later in the day, there was some comments left on the Amaretto website forums, that caused them to remove all access from their users to the forums. They would like you to think they have their forums down for maintenance. We shall see if the post from early Jan. 4th are left intact or not once they restore their forums back to the users.
Below are some excerpts from the early morning Group Chat. It amazes us that Amaretto continues to allow its CSR’s to talk like drunken sailors and belittle the very customers they are there to help. No matter how tired or upset you are as a representative of a company, it is in the best interest of the company you hold your composure. As you can see here Dakota Delicioso just can not seem to get a grip on her emotions. However this is nothing new for her she does always seem to come into group chat and fly off the handle.
[02:14]  Dakota Delicioso: believe what you choose too i’m here to tell you that whole blog post is nothing but bullshit
[02:16]  Dakota Delicioso: today has been onegiant conspiracy theory in this group omg is it a full moon
[02:16]  Dakota Delicioso: i’m Rick James B**tch
[02:17]  Dakota Delicioso: yea all the CSR’s who have been on working all day and now its 5am in the morning and we’re frankily tired of hearing all these conspiracies
[02:18]  Dakota Delicioso: we welcome construction suggestions in the ticket system *bats eyes*
[02:20]  Dakota Delicioso: back to work got horses to fix for people who appreciate it 🙂 have a nice day
[02:20]  Dakota Delicioso: cause i’m sick of this crap

Dakota calls this blog posting “nothing but bullshit”. Well of course to you it is bullshit, but to your customers it is interesting information. Especially interesting to your customers that have purchased horses from Kade Zuta/Richie Carami. Most people would say that conspiracy theorists are just nuts, as well as the well known urban legend of the full moon making people have odd behaviors. So what you are saying is that everyone of your customers that just have some questions throughout the day pertaining to the server being down and problems with the very product you are here to support, are nothing more then just lunatics. That’s nice, we would expect nothing less from you Dakota. Rick James has been dead for a while now, and we know that is just a funny comment and all. But seriously coming from you, in group chat, is that really necessary? But hey if you would like to be a womanizing, one hit wonder musician, drug addict, then so be it. That’s your prerogative.
You say and we quote “we welcome construction suggestions in the ticket system”. We are sure what you meant was you welcome “constructive” suggestions, but since you say “construction”, we would like you to stop pretending to perform “construction” on your forums and just leave them open so your customers can post again. Besides what is so bad with people offering constructive suggestions in open chat? Oh yea we know, you guys cant just delete them like you can a ticket. If you are so “sick of this crap” why don’t you do everyone including the owners of Amaretto a favor and just quit. You could always go back to doing a 100 bunny auctions a week, smoking your cigarettes and sounding like the stereotypical 65 year old waitress at Waffle House, that has a smoke in her hand while she is stuffing her face with double bacon, egg, and cheese, with extra mayo, sandwich.
The CSR’s decided they wanted to make it very clear that they use their main accounts to sell their horses. We never understood why they would be allowed to do this, but Amaretto in their infinite, ethical wisdom decided that they would allow this practice. Either way you will notice the one CSR, although online and being vocal in chat decided he would not partake in claiming he uses his main to sell horses. It is possible though that is was typing his almost legible post that we will get to in a moment. Or maybe he really does have a conscience and would not say he uses his main account to sell horses cause he can’t actually say that.
[02:23]  Calista Janus: i use my main.. not that i have much time for my horses that i used to, my only alt you will find it my rl /sl partner who is at the same address and anyone is welcome to investigate my horses at any time
[02:25]  Calista Janus: i have no charmed (except for one i bought), no special horses, many of you have better horses than I have, we all still online in the middle of the night doing tickets
[02:21]  Dakota Delicioso: the lm’s tomy shops are in my profile please don’t buy from me
[02:21]  Avalon Carami (avalon.crystal): I use my main to sell my horses!
[02:21]  Jaymee Carami (jaymee.caproni): Amaretto staff own horses… sell horses… on the main avatars
[02:21]  Tmzasz Luminos: no we use our mains when selling horses when we have the time to breed our horses between tickets

Calista and Tmzasz, neither of you were brought up in the whole posting about using alts to sell horses. Thank you for the clarification though. Dakota why say the LM’s to your shops are in your profile if you are going to follow it up with telling people not to buy from you? Oh wait we know, you were really just advertising that you have horses for sale and for everyone to look in your profile for the locations. Wow aren’t you the one that comes into chat all the time and yells at people for advertising?  Its ok we all know that you live by the golden rule of “do as i say not as i do”. Avalon, you were also not brought up in the blog posting however you are also the avatar Kaydence Zuta, daughter to Kade Zuta and Kaelyn Zuta, who is the Alt of Jaymee Caproni. But that really is a whole other story huh?
On the subject of “create and recreate”.  Seems some of the CSR’s wanted to explain what they can and can not do. Whatever you would like to call it, being able to “recreate” and still able to sell horses leaves open so many loop holes, it would be absurd to allow a CSR to own horses, for sale. There is so many speculations to that, we just can’t understand why you would even want your company to be questioned ethically about it. This could have been avoided had Amaretto just not allowed any member of the team to own horses.
[02:22]  Jaymee Carami (jaymee.caproni): csr’s can not create horse… we REcreate horses… that have uuid… that we work on everyday to fix for yall… csr’s DO NOT have access to the server to change or alter anything
[02:30]  Richie Carami: ok get this and get this once we cannot create any horse we want you all do not want to understand that cause some want drama and ill say this once to i do fix bundles to the one that wants to sit here and acuse me of not fixing them and if you all want to belive stuff go ahead just shows how much people belive crap is what i see
[02:31]  Richie Carami: we dont have acess to the data base to do that
[02:31]  Richie Carami: so you might wanna stop spreading rumors
[02:31]  Richie Carami: im sick of people who live for drama personaly
[02:32]  Richie Carami: and to those of you who do and just wanna attack us then go ahead

So let us get this story straight. You say, and we quote “csr’s DO NOT have access to the server to change or alter anything”. This can not possibly be a true statement. You would need access to the database to recreate a lost horse, that would be is a user submits a ticket about no longer having a horse in their possession. When these horses are “stolen” at auctions by people buying them for $10L you would need access to the data base to now locate that horse to remove it from the owner, to return it back to the rightful owner. As far as “change and alter”, well you do in fact do that too. When a Male and Female horse are sent in due to a BAD_BUNDLE and you reset their fervor, are you not in fact changing and altering them?


3 responses

  1. HorseLover

    With this information, it is very possible that the Amaretto staff is not creating their own horses, but taking the “best of the best” that is sent in to them to be fixed, setting fervor to 100%, breeding it with their own horses, resetting fervor again before passing it back. Just another reason the Amaretto staff should not be allowed to own/sell horses if they have access to this information.

    January 6, 2011 at 9:08 am

  2. Kiersten

    >>It amazes us that Amaretto continues to allow its CSR’s to talk like drunken sailors and belittle the very customers they are there to help. No matter how tired or upset you are as a representative of a company, it is in the best interest of the company you hold your composure.<<

    All I can say is BRAVO. I had an experience where one of their CSR's treated me deplorably and then had the nerve to try and say it was me. I had been jerked around by this CSR for over a week, they did not respond to my ticket after repeatedly asking what I needed to do next, I contacted in world I kept my cool through it all until he passed my horses back to me and they seemingly got eaten by the server from being capped luckily when I relogged they were infact safe in my inventory. Needless to say I was furious now and I believe I had a right to be. I told them they were lucky they hadn't been eaten to which this person took offense to and he shared text with Josephine, Ms Cooperstone then said to them that I would have my support rights revoked if I ever spoke to this person in that tone again. When I contacted her, and explained what I had been through over the course of the past week with this being the pinnacle of the contact she said and I quote "I would have treated you in the same manner that they did." So I told her she had just lost a customer. I let my food run out and put my horses away in my inventory never to see the light of day again. I have been in the CS industry for years and would never dream of speaking to someone who has an issue the way I was spoken to, especially not by the owner. It was reprehensible and I hope to high heaven that people begin to wise up to how they feel the people buying their products should be treated and show them that is not how it works by hitting them where it hurts the most…..THEIR WALLETS!

    January 6, 2011 at 11:01 am

  3. GC

    The only way to combat this is to out-compete it. Hint.

    July 21, 2011 at 10:16 pm

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