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Real or Photo Shop? 1-05-11

Now for the qestion everyone is asking. “Are these pictures real or photo shoped?” The are 100% real! There has been no altering of the images of any kind. Aside from the first picture to add the horses stats from so you could see all in one picture, all pictures are actual screen shots of the events. The owner of said in chat on Jan. 04 the folowing statement in refrence to this blog.

[02:27]  Calista Janus: it was an error in myslhorses, that happened the day we had db crash, everyone that day had problems and got a free month, it happened once and has not happened again, thats why the stats were all messed up, and the coders explained that the owner of the white arab at that time

There you go, right from the horses mouth. She is admitting that the stats were in fact messed up. The questions we have though is this. Why were the stats messed up on just one horse in the pedigree, while all other horses are assumed correct? Why were the stats messed up on the pedigree days before the db crash? Why were the stats messed up after the crash and the corrected db problem? Why were the stats altered a total of three times? How many other instances of this occurred on your website? How come this is the only one that just so happens to come back to a alt of a Amaretto CSR being the seller of the horse? How come the real owner of the mystery horse is Jaymee Caproni, yet the seller of the baby is Kade Zuta, who happens to be Richie Carami’s alt? Why do they feel the need to sell their horses on alts when they have the permission to sell them on their main avatars? Why would they rent a storefront in Josaphine Cooperstone’s breedable market sim to do all this? Why……why don’t you ask yourself, what the hell you are doing with these people?


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