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It’s Official, you know like, we may need to change this. 1-06-11

Well it is “Official”. Amaretto has come out and made a statement about this blog and the information in it. Just for safe keeping we have taken a screen shot of the Amaretto website showing what it “actually” says at the time of this post. We have a strange suspicion things are about to change with it. See what you need to ask yourselves now is… Was hacked? If it was hacked where is the notice to its customers that says they had a security breech? We are users of that very website and never received such a notice. Jaymee Caproni in Amaretto group chat makes this statement in regards to the hacking of
[19:55]  Jaymee Carami (jaymee.caproni): MySLHorses users were informed of the hack and recieved a free month for their problems, if you DID NOT have myslhorses, you were not effected by the hack
Exactly how were the users effected? What exactly was compromised in this so called hacking? Why were the users not informed of any of this till now? This has been almost two full months since this happened. Why does it take in the words of Dakota Delicios “bullshit” blog to expose this to the users?
Well we can tell you why. The website was never hacked, and you, Amaretto know it. You just threw Calista and Nz under the bus for your own protection. Why exactly would you claim the website was hacked when you know that’s not true? We know in a day or so you will need to fix up the Amaretto website so it will not say that the website was hacked. Quite honestly you should, and you owe a huge public apology to Calista, NZ, all thier staff that work very hard on that site, and lets not forget the customers that support your product and believed this excuse you made. The question now is will you? 

Here is a excerpt from the myslhorses group chat. Apparently they were unaware they were hacked at anytime. Seems to us Amaretto is yet again fabricating things to their own benefit.

[22:14]  Storm Munforth: hi
[22:14]  Laya Felisimo: hi storm, i have a problem
[22:14]  Sylvana Torres: Storm:)
[22:14]  Laya Felisimo: did you see my earlier post ?
[22:14]  Storm Munforth: no
[22:15]  Laya Felisimo: ok, let me repost, if you’d be so kind

[22:15]  Storm Munforth: hi Sylvana

[22:03]  Laya Felisimo: Hi all, as a concerned customer and because i’ve been effectively told to shut up in another chat group about this – i thought i’d come and ask in the appropriate channel. Having read a response to an allegation about amaretto cheating, it claims that the site was hacked. Why were we not informed of this ? Why were we not warned of this ? Why were we not advised that our accounts had been compromised ? Why were we not advised as a result, to change passwords and email addresses ? Yes we were given notification of a database error/failiure and compensated with a months free subscription, but why were the issues i am questioning, not addressed ? Could someone please explain ? Thanks
[22:16]  Storm Munforth: I don’t have an answer.
[22:17]  Laya Felisimo: really ?
[22:17]  Storm Munforth: This is the first time I am seeing all of this.
[22:17]  Laya Felisimo: really ? so you were not informed of the hack either ?
[22:17]  Sylvana Torres: are a csr for a long time, Storm?
[22:17]  Laya Felisimo: interesting that
[22:17]  Storm Munforth: I know about the issue that prompted the month free.
[22:17]  Laya Felisimo: myslhorses own staff not informed of a security risk
[22:18]  Laya Felisimo: so you know about the hack then storm ?
[22:18]  Storm Munforth: if there was a security risk I would have been notified
[22:18]  Storm Munforth: let me get the note on the site
[22:18]  Laya Felisimo: but amaretto and calista are claiming that myslhorses was hacked
[22:18]  Sylvana Torres: but hacking is a security risk, or? I mean.. mhmm.

[22:18]  Storm Munforth: yes
Jaysin states this in the post on Amarettos main website…
  “These are our facts, the honest truth, and we believe that everyone will have the understanding to not persecute whoever wrote that blog post, as it was just a misunderstanding of a server glitch/error from the attack on the myslhorses database, that was blown up way out of proportion.”
Our facts? Honest truth? Attack on myslhorses database? We have a feeling you will be eating them words soon. Either way thank you for asking the community to not persecute us. That was touching.

 Here is the actual screenshot of the post by Jaysin Cooperstone on We all know this won’t be the one that will be there in a day or so.


2 responses

  1. fight against bad support and lies

    HyperMutt has automatic update and kiosks that just resend the dogs. you would think they would have taken 1% of their income and paid a person to do the same as them. well i guess they did some of that when they stole the hypermutts dogs.

    They put none of their money back into the horses… they just leave us with junk. i remember when the horses were promised to have petting or combing. what happened to that update?

    would be nice to see responces about the whole threats to get the horses returned for being stolen. they seem to selectivly respond to sections.

    they get paid to make the horses… are they that greedy to need to mess with our market too? it’s kinda like baseball players and betting on who wins for that game. it’s just not right. why sell on alts and mains? what is needed to be hidden? why not be public about all your alts? atleast the ones that clearly have a interest int he horses.

    i hope it’s true about hypermutts suing ammereto and biobreeds if they release the dogs.

    January 10, 2011 at 7:44 am

  2. Jadedby Cooperstones

    It’s really sad, isn’t it?
    The folks that made Amaretto successful are now the enemy. Richie has completely imploded and is throwing out and otherwise alienating some of the top breeders in sl. And darn nice people too.

    The story changes day to day, hour by hour. A few samples:

    No problem with the salt, stop asking! oh, by the way, the salt has a problem.

    We’re not changing the 2.0 sculpts ever again! Oh, by the way, here’s our new sculpt person, working on the upgrades.

    Sorry Trance, we don’t have any 2.0 horses created, so you can’t create a Breeders book. Oh, btw, on rollout day, turns out we actually did have all the horses created and our very own koolaid drinking Avalon Crystal has her own book in the Amaretto stores.

    I didn’t believe the Amaretto Cheats story when it came out. But then Amaretto demonstrates a willingness to lie about simple itty bitty things… now everything they say is called into question.

    Like I said, it’s sad. The horses are fine, I’d have stuck with them. It’s the people that I just can’t give money to anymore.

    February 22, 2011 at 9:16 pm

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