amaretto breedables

How old is that horsie in the window? 1-04-11

What you are about to read, and see pictures of, is an event that took place back in November of 2010. It takes place over the course of three days. The story goes, that a breeder purchased a horse from another breeder, after the seller had logged into Second Life and promptly contacted this person about selling a requested type of horse. The seller of the horse has and may still have a storefront in the Amaretto breedables market owned by Josaphine Cooperstone.

What would seem like a very normal horse purchase soon became a unveiling of what goes on behind the scenes of Amaretto Breedables. This evidence is being presented for you to make your own judgments. The information here has been shared throughout the horse breeding community for some time now, and has been mentioned in the Amaretto Breedables group chat as well as circulated around in IM’s and on notecards. Here you will see actual screen shots taken during the whole event, along with explanations of each. Avatar names and Alts will be revealed here.

 This first picture shows a IM window along with a image embedded in it that is taken from It shows information for a horse named Gloomy Snow Princess. The IM window is what is chatted to you in response to you clicking on the horse and requesting its parents. The embedded image inside the IM window is a snapshot of its stats from So far this all looks great. At the time of this purchase this was a much desired horse that sold in the $40,000L+ range. What is important about this picture is the Mother. You will see in following pictures why this becomes important.

 Ok so, the buyer of this horse was contacted by a avatar named Kade Zuta, after a request for a White Arabian. The breeder went and met Kade Zuta and purchased the horse now known as “Gloomy Snow Princess”. As you see in the picture below, at this time in mid November this was a very decent horse from equally great parents.

Now once this breeder takes the new horse home and goes to record all its data for safe keeping, it is noticed that looking on the website that the mother has no age nor does she have any parents. You can clearly see this screenshot below taken at that time. This was late at night and was thought to just be a mistake and nothing really seemed to be all that wrong. The breeder still did want to record the data but figured to wait till the following morning to see if all info would be online.

The next morning, the breeder is once again going to record the data for safe keeping and opens up the website for the pedigree for the horse. You will now see in this screenshot some things have now changed. First, the mother now has a new name. Her name yesterday was “Phenomena” but now its “Jaymee”.  Ok so a new name isn’t really a big deal, people change the names of horses from time to time. Second you will see that the eyes of the mother are now changed from “fire elemental” to “rainbow”. Say what? How would this happen you ask? Well your guess is as good as ours. None the less there it is for you to see. Third, the mother now has an age. Yes you are reading that right, the age says the horse is now 12,471 days old. Just for the record that just over 34 years old, the internet wasn’t even available for public use back then. She still has no parents.

Ok, seems there is something “ahoof” going on around here now, huh? Well you are right there sure is. But this is where it all gets very interesting. See, now this breeder is feeling a little bit scammed. They are worried they may now have some type of defective horse. Worse yet they may have a horse that has been fabricated by Amaretto. Yes there has been up to this point rumors of favoritism and Amaretto staff using Alts to sell their horses. So this breeder is wondering if they may have just stumbled onto that very proof. None the less this breeder is a trusting person and they decide to wait till one of their friends is online to show them this information they have found. In the mean time, the breeder continues on with their day of looking to buy other horses. So they venture off into the seemingly never ending sims full of Amaretto horses for sale.

After some searching this breeder comes across a perfect horse for sale. Perfect why? Well this horse is a female White Arabian, but wait she is pregnant, and it would seem her mate is standing right next to her. He is also a White Arabian, but he has “Fire Elemental” eyes and a Long mane. Ok so this breeder purchases the pregnant female in the hopes that the baby it has turns out to also have the fire elemental eyes and turns out to be a male. This would be a perfect mate for the horse that was purchased from Kade Zuta the day before. This breeder takes the horse home and shortly there after the original owner contacts them. This wasn’t a “Hey Thank You” contact though. This was a “That horse wasn’t for sale” contact. The original owner was very adamant on getting the pregnant female back. Going as far as saying that she would contact Amaretto and tell them the horse was stolen. Basically what she would attempt to do is say that the horse was purchased for $10L. Everyone knows that the default setting for placing a item for sale in Second Life is $10L. Amaretto has been known to return horses back to original owners when horses are purchased for $10L say at auctions when the seller is setting the price and a thief comes in during the moment they begin to edit the price. Either way this horse was purchased for well over $30,000L and there was transaction proof, so it seems this idea would not work for the original owner and they backed off. Shortly there after the female had her baby. This picture below shows the pedigree for the baby, the mother is the horse that was purchased pregnant. Ok so your asking what the hell this has to do with the whole story? Well look at the picture, you will see that the Sire named ~ FIRE ON ICE~ has the very same mother as the horse that was purchased the day before from Kade Zuta. Coincidence? Nope there is no such thing. Further pictures will reveal why. But for now look at this picture.

So now that the breeder has seen that this pregnant horse has ties back to Kade Zuta’s horses, they get on a Alt account and go back to the sim that the pregnant horse was purchased from. This sim is run by one person and only her horses are sold there, at least at the time all this was happening. The owner of this sales yard is Despina Boucher, and she is the same person that owned the pregnant horse originally. The breeder is now in snooping mode, clicking on horses. After a little bit they come across a horse that also has ties back to the horses that Kade Zuta has. However the owner of this horse is not Despina Boucher. The owner of this horse is Risque Davi. What’s her connection you ask? Well she keeps horses for sale in the very same space as Kade Zuta, at Josaphine Cooperstone’s breedable market sim. By space we don’t mean they are just only on the same sim, what we mean is they share the very same building. You will see in the picture below that the Dam’s mother is the very same mother to both “Gloomy Snow Princess” and “~FIRE ON ICE~”. What does all this mean? Well keep reading you will learn all the connections soon.

Ok now, on to the cover up. What cover up? Well that’s coming don’t worry. We promise there really is a reason for all this. Lets just look back at what has been said and shown so far and connect some dots. We have a horse that is purchased from Kade Zuta. This horse has a parent that seems to first have Fire elemental eyes and no age. With in a 12 hour time frame that horse has now changed names, changed its eye type to Rainbow, and has become 12,471 days old. She still has no parents. Later in the day its found that the very same horse is parent to two other horses on Despina Bouchers sim. One horse she owned and one owned by Risque Davi. Despina was very threatening in response of the sale of the pregnant horse going so far as to want to fabricate a story to Amaretto to have the horse returned. Risque Davi has a horse on Despina Bouchers private sim, and she also shares space with Kade Zuta for selling horses on  Josaphine Cooperstone’s breedable market sim. For now what we have at the very least is three people that do business with each other. Or do we?

What you will now see in the next couple pictures is the attempt to cover up what apparently is something that Amaretto did not want anyone to see. Kade Zuta’s main avatar will be revealed. The true owner of the mystery horse will be brought out of her hiding, as well as a list of her known Alts, and trust us that will only lead to more speculation. The link between Despina Boucher and these people, and why the rumors of her having all these amazing horses well before anyone else is really true.

Remember that friend the breeder was waiting for to come online to see all this information? Well they came online looked it all over, went and looked at all the horses, sales locations, profiles, and RedZone Alt list. Apparently this person was able to determine a few connections to all the people involved. This person apparently knew someone with in the Amaretto organization, and presented all the collected information to them. What Amaretto did next is the most disturbing of this whole situation. They covered it up. However just like everything else, they were not very good at it. So in this first picture you will see that Amaretto has attempted to make some changes to the information of the mystery horse. Look at the age of the Dam on the horse now. First it was 12,471 days old, now its been changed to 50 days. Look at the top of the picture too. You will notice that there is many pedigree pages open. This was done to capture in real time changes that were being done to the pedigree by moving to a different page and refreshing it. You will see though in this picture only one change has been made and its the age.

Ok so what gives? Is this horse 12,471 days old or 50 days old? What about parents? She is a White Arabian, she needs to have parents because there is no way she can be a starter horse right? Well it took Amaretto another 20 minutes to make the pedigree look right. However in the meantime apparently Kade Zuta felt the need to hide a few more things. Wait what? Why would he need to hide more things? How would he even know any of these corrections were taking place? Well here it comes. Kade Zuta is really Richie Carami. Yes the very same Richie Carami that is a CSR for Amaretto, and partnered to Jaymee Caproni also a CSR for Amaretto. Jaymee Caproni is also the real life sister to Josaphine Cooperstone. Should you be able to bring up Jaymee Caproni’s list of known Alts you will get these names, JJ Cerna, Josaphine Cooperstone, Jaysin Cooperstone, Ancient Biscuit, Kaye Koolhoven, Richie Carami. The mystery horse is really owned by Jaymee Caproni. Whoaaaaa slow down what? Yes go back and read it over… Got it now? See that connection? Wait there is more. Kade Zuta logged into Second Life while the server was taken down to make the final corrections and went to his sales yard on Josaphine Cooperstone’s breedable market sim. While he was there he was met by Despina Boucher, and the horse’s that were in his sales yard were transfered over to Despina. Ok whew, Kade erm Richie is safe now. He would almost certainly have had moved over some more questionable horses. All is good now, yes even the Mystery horse is now good. Take a look at the picture below. You will now see that the horse now has her name back to “Phenomena”, she has her eyes back to “Fire Elemental”, she has had her age changed now for the third time to 42 days old, and last but not least she finaly has some parents.

So what have we learned here? Well, it would seem that the rumors are true about Amaretto staff using Alts to sell horses. They do seem to have at the very least a couple people close to them they feel they can share these horses with. It would also seem thet the CSR’s are able to create horses at will. They are also able to make changes on thier server to hide these horses into the population. Since this all happened back in November the information has been shared with a small group of breeders. Of course through them the information leaked out to a wider amount of people. We have seen transcripts of personal IM’s where the information has been shared. We have seen copies of notecards that some of this information has been posted onto. We have also seen it mentioned in the Amaretto Breedables  group chat. Until now it has not been a very big secret, but now its all in one page for all to see and make thier own judgment call on. Whether you believe it or not is up to you. The people that were involved know its true though.


16 responses

  1. Oh Hell No

    Damn Richie Carimi and all of maretto, that is freakin FRAUD in the best form and punishable by law. You guys have a LLC for amaretto and are liable, and since your having to pay taxes on earned income for amaretto, your acknowledging that the L earned is turned into real money. Your STEALING money from the people who play the game honestly. I hope the authorites fry your ass for stealing and fraud. HAHAHa your ass is finally going down for all the shady crap you have pulled

    January 4, 2011 at 2:06 pm

  2. Kim

    Amazing, yet not one bit surprising. Awesome detective work.

    All I know is with the amount of negative press and rumors flying around about Amaretto and its business practices, some of it was bound to be true. Here we have it.

    To any of you remaining with Amaretto after all of this, you are SUCKERS….or in bed with them.

    January 4, 2011 at 10:25 pm

  3. jenn

    Shakes head.. so where is the surprise. Is it in the fact the probably nothing will happen. It would seem all IP address’s should be banned from SL.

    Greed is a funny thing

    January 5, 2011 at 8:19 am

  4. J

    Jaymee was a creep in the turtle world also!

    January 5, 2011 at 8:39 am


    I have said all along I knew the workers for amaretto were getting all the good horses and yes selling them I know people who work for amaretto they have every good horse possible including a couple of charmed thus being the reason i no longer have horses I like to at least be kissed while im getting screwed

    January 6, 2011 at 2:45 am

  6. mya

    wow but i must admit i do believe this …its probably how they paid them….ermmm “we paid them” by buying the best horses from these crooks

    January 6, 2011 at 10:45 am

  7. BOOT Parx

    after reading all that im not sure i trust any of these people an to think the dogs are hooked up to them also bio breeds must be laffing their heads off at these fools.thanx for info . i spent a fair mount of money on horses but i was lucky to breed well an make a tidy profit but i think after this my time with the horses is coming to an end which is a pity. thanx for the info BOOT Parx B&R estates

    January 6, 2011 at 11:25 am

  8. Wisdom Davi

    OMG doesn’t anyone do anything for fun any more, this whole story and the official comments, is enough to make me want to send all my amaretto, that SL has not eaten up to horse heaven and forget I ever heard of Amaretto

    January 6, 2011 at 10:39 pm

  9. Fuzzy Wuzzy

    Obviously I’m not going to reveal my identity — yet. However, I have known Rich Carami, aka more than just Kade Zuta, for a LONG time…long enough to know him when he scammed people out of money, property, and more. He is a con artist of the highest caliber. In fact, he has been banned by Linden Labs multiple times for his past scams. The fact that he would create high quality horses for himself does not surprise me in the least. In fact, I have been waiting for something like this to surface. He is a thief and a swindler. He suffers from extreme avarice. Lies are like breathing to him. And we won’t even get into his personal life — yet. Anyone who would do business with him … or really trust him in the least in any way…is to be pitied.

    January 7, 2011 at 1:07 am

  10. Ya know, I’ve long thought about conspiracies with the breedables, and one person comes to mind immediately, Despina, who from the time I met her has managed to have EVERY unique, rare, elite, etc of the breedables.

    To me this shows she’s either really good at breeding OR has a lot of money to buy off, buy outright, or whatever. Even when you go to her land now, she’s loaded to the gills with elite bunnies, limited edition, appreciation horses, etc.

    It’s totally possible that she has lots of money and can buy all these, I’ve purchased several elite bunnies and LE horses simply because after having over 500 bunnies, then 600 horses, we NEVER got a LE drop or elite bunny. Yet she has them all, with only a fraction of the horses and bunnies. When you go to her land I didn’t see a single plain horse, instead it was loaded with all the new coats and yeah…..

    January 7, 2011 at 1:41 am

  11. Maryjane

    I HaveBreedHOrses a nd ihave found a few tings inthe past that horses that passed tirats and coats after repair no longer did bad bundles come back as something way other than the horses that bred them But ihave noticed Physical changes to the horses sentin for when uhave a bad bundle theyask forth eparents and the horsei get back is not the hrose i sent for repair i have taken pictures and documented this so they are just susposed ot reset th ehorses back but no they are differnet prims are changed i know longer have any trust in Amaretto at all and a shame they have taken our money and are essentially scamming us all for profit and someof these people alts of thees or firends mention have come and seen our horses and snickered over not having charmed horses aor breeding the best well go figure itis a sad day for sure

    January 7, 2011 at 7:50 pm

  12. C

    Seems to me that an investigation and Class Action Law Suit would be fitting.

    January 8, 2011 at 6:06 am

  13. C

    Oh yeah and what a crap response they gave. What a joke.

    I think they need to send us all the linden we have spent and then they need to get out of town.

    Seems they just can’t keep themselves out of trouble or geez, maybe they just have bad luck.

    Why bother sending horse to haven… just change the permissions so they cannot take them and resell them.

    January 8, 2011 at 6:10 am

  14. Princess

    I know some things about the makers of these breedable horses and I for one am not surprised that they are being shady as they are. It seems to be their style and their horses aren’t that pretty either :-(.

    January 8, 2011 at 10:42 am

  15. Phe

    Ok well guys ive been a breeder for many years now im not suprised at all they have been doing this from the begining mass breeding ranchs 100s of horses all color cordnated and seen 25+ demons all same owner, seen a wingless demon other day made me sick that wasnt me that had it lol but really guys if you think that they got the best corse they do and always will and there friends as well alts and other stuff as well no different that the rest of the ppl make breedables same same even the ones that flop make a mint off us normal breeders is how it is . Just food alone is a rip off and never goes down right there is a rip off sides horse themselves .

    On hindsight i do have charmed and no friend of any creaters i did it with total luck and now once i got one i got two demons i have kissed no one butt to get them or in bed with any of them that create we got our demons from smart breeding used a aplly that had demon father demon mom and grandparents dad was a demon from to sakura horses so chance get a demon is high simple ,waited many years to get them and now the nosedive in price . I do however agree they are a bunch of crooks we all know this and there double crooks for getting us addicted to breeding , but we are or wouldnt be here typing this book and you wouldnt care otherwise if you wernt .

    I myself given up many time on them and seem to always somehow get more the question is does the charity money we spent to help the many diseases and hope cause really get to the ppl that need it ….if not then there your lawsuit not like they havent been sued before ..

    As for the poor market thats our fault and theres called one word to descibe it is GREED and always trying to undercut the other for a few L we rather kill market than set a price good job ppl in half a year we managed to destroy a thriving market when a charmed was so rare like a age0 dapple if you got one today …trust me if jj cerna made a doll of herself and charged 1000l to beat it up id pay and be first in line ..want to point a finger at someone find a ranch with mass breeders there probubly the alts you were talking about of the ppl created them .

    June 9, 2011 at 2:03 am

  16. Yep.. Rich is mean and is one of the worst ones. I’ve also hear he’s had Ozimals before.. and was actually copying them and making more somehow or something?? It could be a don’t jump down my throat. But.. yeah…. Anyway… this is crazy. I tell people this story all the time and they still never understand how Amaretto is so horrible. I think it’s so horrible them cheating and there is real people out there trying to play the game it’s very serious for people and you have the creators out there cheating.. it is really sad.

    September 6, 2011 at 1:22 pm

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